Welcome to Knocked Up On March. We are Sue and Mick, a husband and wife team with a love of plants and gardening.

With our experience operating our own nursery some years ago, which included running bonsai workshops, we have an extensive knowledge on terrariums and the art of bonsai.

Our own personal bonsai collection has grown over the years, and is open for viewing to students who attend workshops. Some of these bonsai are over 35 years old.

Over the years, we have transformed a number of backyards from vacant lots to beautiful landscaped gardens.

Along with terrariums and bonsai, Knocked Up On March also stocks a range of bonsai tools and supplies, including pots, potting mix and wire.
We have everything you need to begin a bonsai of your own. We also carry a range of KANESHIN hand crafted premium bonsai tools.
If you want to learn more about the art of bonsai, or are interested in purchasing tools or supplies, email Mick at knockeduponmarch@gmail.com

Please check out our events page for information on upcoming bonsai and terrarium workshops and markets.